Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doggies and Pets Get a New Home

Well, it's happened. I've gone and lost my ever lovin' mind.

Since I don't have enough things to keep track of online I've started a NEW blog!!! OMG. Someone stop me!

Home Zookeeper

Ha! The good news is that it's going to be dedicated to animals. Which is great because I love love love animals. Plus my doggies will be their own superstars. I've got all kinds of ideas lined up for posts.

Of course the new blog is in Word Press and I've never used it before. So that will be a new hurdle and learning curve. I won't be doing anything fancy until I get the hang of it. And I want to get a new banner designed.

The new blog is part of the 451 Press network where I was accepted as a writer recently. Which was super exciting in and of itself. I was approved!!! :)

The blog was once written by another person, named Lynn and there is some great content there already that you may enjoy. I'm looking forward to making it "mine" and sharing with everyone. 'Cause I'm nothing if not an open book.

I hope you will all come visit me and my crazy pets! Stop by, look around, leave me some comments, and if you're interested book mark our new animal home. =)


Ferox said...

Don't let wordpress scare you. It's pretty easy to get the hang of. I look forward to seeing some of your animal posts.

S2 said...

A blog for your animals. I could totally do that as well. We have eight formerly homeless critters living w/us at the moment plus I feed the feral cats outside.

Great idea!