Sunday, May 4, 2008

Interesting Happenings This Week - 4/28

So many interesting things happen during the week that I thought I'd start listing a few of them in case you missed them. :)

I have a coworker who thinks the oil companies are to blame for high prices. I doubt it. I do think the government helps keep the prices artificially high.

Save the Plastic Bag!

Eating Kangaroo? No thanks!

Make a little extra cash and shop at the same time! I've worked as a mystery shopper before. It's actually really fun. Hubby and I enjoyed several nearly free dinners at Applebees.

Maybe someone ought to have Pastor Wright meet with this ACTUAL slave in OUR time. That wouldn't really work with his white people are evil ideas though since it was other Africans enslaving him. I do wish we could help all those in need...what happened in the Sudan (and happening in Dafur) is a nightmare and needs to be stopped. This is part one of a three part interview series.

Who says that we're killing all the animals? The cougar population disagrees. We have cougars here. I think they are gorgeous but I wouldn't want to run into one.

Maybe we will have a recession...and maybe we won't. (We still have not had two quarters of declining growth.) I hate the self fulfilling prophesy that the media is working for though. If they say we're in one enough times maybe it will come true. But I agree with one commenter who says that if sales of Grand Theft Auto can be in the hundreds of millions we can't be doing that bad!

More economic good news - with 5% unemployment I just don't see how our economy sucks. Wall street seems to be more optimistic. And how to make Lemons out of Lemonade.

Traders are betting on the dollar again - first time in 3 years. Not that I understand how futures or hedge funds work. It's all Greek to me.

The Banality of Sedition
- I do find it interesting that we have a law on the books that is so rarely (ever?) enforced. Yet all those who break this law by calling for the violent overthrow of the government do so in such ironic freedom which allows them to speak and protects their seditious words. They would prefer a government like the Soviet Union where dissent was punishable by death.

Why we must win - not just the physical battle which goes better by the day - but the propaganda war. We are fighting internal forces, which is sad.

When we have kids we will get them vaccinated.

Kids need to skin a few knees. I agree.

Here's to another good week!

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