Sunday, May 25, 2008

True Loves Kiss

Since I'm on vacation I decided to watch some of the movies that have been sitting here from Netflix. Including Enchanted. I'm such a little girl at heart. Fairy tale endings. True Love. Happily Ever After.

The Prince gets his lady, though not the one he thought he was after. The Princess becomes a fashion designer. With rats for help. That's clever. :) Oh, and she gets her True Love after rescuing him from the evil witch Queen. It's only fair. He did wake her from a deadly sleep with a kiss.

Seriously. I'm such a sucker for these movies. Yes, it's corny. If hubby were here he'd never watch it with me.

Be sure to suspend all reality when you watch this cute movie.

And so they all lived Happily Ever After.

The next two movies I will watch couldn't be more different. Wedding Crashers. And 310 to Yuma.


Bunny B said...

I love Enchanted!! :)

Roxy said...

I loved enchanted too!