Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alchemy is Back!

Oh how I missed Etsy's Alchemy function. I actually got most of my sales when I first started on Etsy from the Alchemy feature. They took it away and it's been ages...but it's back!

If you aren't familiar with Alchemy on Etsy ... it is a fabulous option to request items to be made... kind of like a public bulletin board. Request anything! And I do mean anything ... I've gone through all the requests and some of them are a little disturbing. But whatever. It's so great to have it back!

Sellers can go through all the requests and bid on any of them . I've bid on a couple already and while one wasn't accepted it's still fun to offer up my services. For jewelers, you have to be fast because jewelry requests get bid on fast! Super fast! :)

As a buyer - you can set your "ideal" price for an item and sellers can bid under or over. Sometimes the buyer's 'ideal' price isn't so realistic so be sure to explain why your bid may be higher. And always give as many details as possible. Doing custom work can be stressful but the more communication the better.

Etsy Sellers - Don't forget to turn on your Alchemy page in your Etsy shop! Under "Shop Appearance" you can select the option to accept alchemy requests and include all your details and policies for accepting custom requests. Here is my Alchemy page as an example.

It's so addicting to scroll through all the requests!!!

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