Saturday, March 1, 2008

Every Reason for Happiness

I know in my head that I have no reason to be depressed or sad. I have an amazing family who supports and encourages me. My husband's family (okay, his sister and mom mostly) added to our wonderful group of misfits. We had her 67th birthday a couple of weeks ago and had such a great time.

I ordered cupcakes from Hello Cupcake in Tacoma. They are just the cutest things. And the frosting is to die for. I am a frosting whore, I admit. The, I could take it or leave it. It was a little dry for me. But everyone seemed to like theirs.

My mother in law's came in a special box all for her own. And then all the other cupcakes came in a large box, in their own little places so they are nice and secure.

Trooper thought they smelled good too. But we managed to keep these out of his reach!

This chocolate one is the one I ate...well, I ate the top of it. :)

How can anyone be sad with cupcakes? *sigh*

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