Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I like Zebras

Black and White. Classics. How could any animal be more perfect? Plus they're kind of like horses and I love horses. :)

Okay, so this purse is brown and white but the strips are right. And it's adorable! Made by J Jonni.

Okay, I didn't make these earrings but I would totally wear them! And I love Exclamation Point's interpretation of the French hook style earrings.

Super stylish and it looks warm too! This scarf made by Sweet Charlotte is fashionable and functional.

How adorable is this hand made rubber stamp!?! I am so envious of the skill it takes to carve things. Corrabelle does a great job.

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Karen said...

That bag is WAY cool! I even like the brown. Wonder if she does giraffe prints? Hmmmmmm