Friday, March 7, 2008


Do you understand this sentence?

"Meet with the AM regarding the FMF and CMR to see if we can use RTC and RIML for the SG."

I swear that's how the last hour of my life has been! Acronyms drive me bonkers because only some people truly understand them. It's like talking on line...ROFL, LOL, WTH, et al.

But my new favorite acronym is .... WIFM. Can you guess what it stands for?

What's In it For Me!

ROFL HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Best thing to come out of that meeting for sure.


MarketingDeviant said...

WIFM might be the new super cool acronym =).

Monique said...

My sister (who is 38) recently sent me IKR in the middle of our conversation. That really through me for a look until I realized she was saying "i know right".

Soon we will no longer have to even communicate in sentences.

Thanks for stopping over at my blog :)