Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dads Matter

I always read about deadbeat dads. Those who leave their families and don't provide any monetary assistance, let alone emotional.

But I truly believe those deadbeats are the exception. We hear about them more often because bad news sells better than "dad loves his kids" stories.

"A Dad is More Than a Paycheck" is a great reminder.

As someone who grew up without a father (through no fault of his own) I try to remind my husband about the value of a father (he doesn't talk to his). Once they are gone that's it...they are gone forever. It is amazing some of the things we get mad about and stay mad about - petty things and important things. They all seem trivial upon death.

I wish fathers and husbands were more valued today. It seems like some would rather relegate them to the dustbin of history. I believe that kids do best with a mother and a father. I know that I would have been better off with both parents - though my mother did the best she could given the situation she was dealt.

One day I hope to have children. Or at least one. :) And I think that my hubby is going to be an amazing father. I've seen him interact with my little cousins and he just naturally seems to "get" kids. And I plan to tell him often what a wonderful husband and father he is.


Monique said...

As much as my father and I bump heads, I do appreciate having him around. I remember as a child wishing my mother would just divorce him and move on so we could have a normal life... but it never happened. In hindsight, I'm kind of glad she didn't.

Paws Awhile said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I have been lucky to have a father who is also my best friend. Dads can be your entire support system, and I say that from experience.

Now that he is getting older, I have sort of taken over. Sometimes I have to treat him like a kid, but whenever I am in trouble, his "dad" instincts kick in.

It's still so reassuring to know that your father is there for you through all the storms like a roof over your head. Relationships like these need to be cherished because they come along once in a lifetime.

Karen said...

Thank you for talking about an important thing. Time to remember those dads who ARE around and do the right thing. And you're right, and it's sad, these dads don't make the newspapers and are so easily forgotten.