Monday, March 17, 2008

Slug Fight!

I used to be a real Tom Boy. Albeit a boy crazy one.

My favorite thing in the world was when my cousins joined us during summer vacation. They were from Texas (at that time) and there were three of them - all boys. Plus my brother. So you'd think I would be outnumbered.

Not so much.

I was SO in charge. Some people think that I'm bossy now...they should have known me when.

We would hold treasure hunts, play hide and seek, play in the mud, ride bikes, build forts in the forest, and yes...we even had a slug fight. But only once.

Advice to parents...tell your children to put salt on slugs, poke them with sticks, anything but picking them up and throwing them at each other. Because folks, slug slime does NOT come off easily. Even soap does not help much. It required many long minutes of scrubbing...hard scrubbing. It was too gross for even the toughest boys ... or me. =)

I'm definitely no longer a Tom Boy...I think that after my dad died and we moved that the "boy" things started being less fun. My mom signed me up for the boy's hard ball team and I hated it. So I started softball with the girls.

I still get along better with boys than with girls. Get too many girls in a room together and I get a little batty...unless we're talking about jewelry!

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