Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweet Girl Needs Your Help!

I can't understand why there is any time limit on a dog's life if they are adoptable, but some cities have rules that are just this cruel.

This sweet girl needs a home or foster home immediately. I wish we could take her in, but with three dogs - one of whom is an alpha bitch (literally) - we can't take on another one. In fact, I think we're at our legal limit with three.

If you know someone or can help donate to get her to a foster home please do so!

She is a young female yellow (white really) lab - they say she is sweet and good with other dogs. She's located in Eastern Washington and transportation can be arranged tomorrow (Sunday, March 16).

Please contact perrin at or Nick at the Prosser enforcement office at

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Rosanne said...

This makes me so sad! We rescued our dog Harriet last year from a no-kill Humane Society up in Arlington. Harriet had been there for 9 months!! She would have been a goner if she had been anywhere else. But she is a larger dog (part American Eskimo, part lab) and she is 8 years old. But the sweetest dog in the whole world! I cannot understand how she could have been given up. She fit in with our family immediately and we all just love her to death! She had been at a couple of adoption fairs but I guess people are looking for tiny little designer dogs or puppies.
I donate to Happy Paws as often as I can for the work they do. It is a wonderful place. Check them out at:
Will that cute dog be able to stay there until she gets adopted? If not, I would see if she can get sent to Happy Paws. I wish I could take another dog but 2 is my limit right now!
Talk to you later,