Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maybe She's Not so Bad

So, I'm pretty skeptical about Hollywood actors and actresses and their views on the world. Most seem guilty of their success and therefore badmouth anything good about America and what has led them to success.

Angelina Jolie has always impressed me as an actress. There was that one movie she was in where she was in a mental ward. It was on Lifetime a few weeks ago and I happened to run across it. She was excellent. And of course Mr and Mrs Smith. :) Love that movie ... though I admit to staring at Mr Smith a bit more. ha!

While I pretty much hate the U.N. and all its corrupt ways, she seems to have taken a strong role in being a positive image. And she definitely puts action to word.

My visit left me even more deeply convinced that we not only have a moral obligation to help displaced Iraqi families, but also a serious, long-term, national security interest in ending this crisis.

As for the question of whether the surge is working, I can only state what I witnessed: U.N. staff and those of non-governmental organizations seem to feel they have the right set of circumstances to attempt to scale up their programs. And when I asked the troops if they wanted to go home as soon as possible, they said that they miss home but feel invested in Iraq. They have lost many friends and want to be a part of the humanitarian progress they now feel is possible.

It seems to me that now is the moment to address the humanitarian side of this situation. Without the right support, we could miss an opportunity to do some of the good we always stated we intended to do.

Good for her. Reality is something that many moonbats against the war seem hard pressed to discover. Agree or disagree about going in, now is not the time to pull out.

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