Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Girl's Best Friend


I have been itching to get some raw, unfaceted diamonds for ages now and this weekend I finally got some. Two strands - one black and one white. I have several ideas for designs and can't wait to play!!!



I think these diamonds are more fun than the standard sparkly rocks found in most wedding rings (including mine) though I do love my diamond. :) These have character and are so different.

Different was definitely my goal this trip - I found some incredibly gorgeous stones. Including one called Moss Amethyst.


I love all the rutillated 'stuff' - technically they are imperfections but such beautiful imperfections!

And of course I couldn't resist getting more Golden Rutillated Quartz - even though I have some and haven't even used it yet! I'm in love with this stone!!!


In LOVE I tell you!

Boy do I have work to do...All these designs flitting around in my head and I'm stuck here at work. Arg! Talk about a frustrated artist. =)

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Marie-Michèle Lanthier said...

Oh my! I'm jealous!
I have bought myself some raw diamonds (tiny 2-3mm, black) but unlucky me, haven't found the perfect setting yet, so I'm very intrigued about what you have in mind!

Just a quick note on the side: I've added your blog to my blogroll, even if mine is in French, because I greatly admire your work! :)