Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Modern Pearls

When I saw these pearls at the gem show I went to two weekends ago I just stopped and stared. Even among strands and strands and strands of other pearls these stood out. Of course the sticker price just about gave me a heart attack, but I had to have them. I only got one strand (it's all I could afford) and brought them home and stared at them some more.

I thought about how to showcase these properly and truly the only thing I could do is leave them alone and show each pearl off by itself. No extra metal. No extra beads. Just a big, huge, gorgeous, lustrous, rainbow, ivory, pink, pearl. How's that for a description?

I even created my own 14k gold headpins and 14k gold ear wires for a pair of earrings that are elegant and classy while still being a tad sassy.

I'm thrilled with how the gold accents turned out - sort of rough and abstract just like the pearls, which aren't rough but are abstract.

These are extremely limited edition because I only bought one strand and there were only 14 or 15 pearls on the strand. Each one is brilliant! And though no two are exactly alike they all 'go' together.


Karen said...

These are the MOST gorgeous pearls I have ever seen. And so gorgeously worked into your design. Again, you amaze me.

Mei said...

If I have seen this pearls before you, I would have grab it too.
They are beautiful. I love pearls.