Thursday, March 27, 2008

Old and New

I had an idea in my head for some jewelry ages ago ... I went ahead and started to create the pieces and then stopped. The project sat there for weeks ... and weeks ... and weeks.

So long that the silver started to tarnish!

Finally last week I picked up the pretty fine silver circles that I had hammered as if they were being made into rings and then textured all around. I bought some really neat green - brown peacock freshwater pearls in a flat disc shape at the gem show the other weekend.

And together they make a pretty and (I think) fairly unique design. :)

Sometimes I try to force myself to complete a design but it really does make a difference to wait until inspiration really hits.


thebeadgirl said...

I met you on Posh Mama and then stumbled on your blog. when i read what you wrote today...i laughed out loud! i know that feeling. i actually tumbled the silver part of a design yesterday so i wouldn't feel so guilty that it's tarnishing! LOL!

have a creative day! and yes, I think the earrings turned out great!


Anonymous said...

Love the earrings!

Actually, I am often on your website drooling over jewelry I can't afford to buy right now...
I wear the ones I bought last year alot.