Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Really Matters

I could have lost my husband today.

Every night when I leave work I call to let him know I'm coming home. Since he's working days right now I call his cell (we get off at the same time so he's usually closer to his cell than our home phone).

He was supposed to pick up Trooper from daycare after he got off tonight so the first words out of my mouth were "did you pick up my boy?"

His response was that he had to call me back.


So I'm almost home (I have around a 45 minute commute home) and call him again to see if I should be making my way to the daycare to get my puppy boy. The answer was yes because hubby was booking someone into jail. The only details I got were that he was going to be at least another hour and he got to taze a guy.


So another hour goes by and nothing. I call and nothing. It's three hours after his shift was supposed to end before he finally rolls in the driveway. Thank God!

His mother and I head out to the car because apparently we get to watch the event that caused his tardiness - he has a dash cam and microphone.


Some sleazy druggy would NOT obey my husband's orders. They ended up struggling on the ground with hubby yelling at him ... it was truly like an episode of Cops...but with MY husband. The guy would not stop fighting.

People...if a cop tells you to do something...just do it. Don't argue. Don't complain. Don't whine that life isn't fair. Just DO IT! Because if you don't...you may get tazed...or worse. I don't care if you're as innocent as the Virgin Mary. Just freaking OBEY and get it sorted out later.

And damn it ... I much rather my husband come home than get shot by some A-hole. Because apparently he kept moving his hands in the area of hubby's gun belt. Too many scary things go through my head at that thought.

It's the first time hubby has used his tazer. I don't know how he knew it would be okay to use that instead of his gun. He never had a chance to pat the guy down. How did he know that the slimeball didn't have a gun or a knife?

I'm just thankful that he's safe and just a few hours late to come home. For once I had his dinner hot and waiting for him after he changed out of his uniform. I'm proud of him but I know why he doesn't tell me what goes on during his shifts. If I had to "know" these things I'd be a wreck.

Hubby SO gets a Fat Daddy Cupcake tonight (we're technically on a one a week rule...but he can break it tonight!).


Lady Language said...

Oh wow. I am glad he is safe. I always obey the police :)

Tish said...

Thank God that your hubby is okay! He really does have someone looking out for him, ya know. :)

I am really intrigued by Fat Daddy Bake Shop. I just checked out your link, and sadly, there's nothing much on the site. Looks like he's on vacation. :( I want a cupcake in a jar!

Karen said...

Thank goodness he was okay. I can't imagine what life would be like being married to an officer. You are a strong woman. And the cupcake shop is closed for vacation, but I'll definitely check her out when they open again.

Posh Mama said...

I'm glad to hear that your hubby is okay. I wish we lived in a world where his job was unnecessary but I am so thankful to have brave men like him protecting us and the brave women waiting at home for them with love. Thinking about you today. Much love, xoxo-pm

CastoCreations said...

Thanks guys!

I *don't* always obey the police - but only my own policeman who forgets sometimes when he's not on duty. :)

Fat Daddy should be back soon and they are SO worth the wait!!! =) You can also look at her sold items to see what looks good.