Friday, March 21, 2008

Yeah, What She Said!


My family had not one dang thing to do with slavery, so far as I can trace my family back at least three generations on one side and two generations on the other.

My maternal grandfather's side was hella poor and has at least two Indian women mixed in...not exactly "proper" during those times.

My maternal grandmother's side was also poor and emigrated (is that the right word?) from South Dakota before WWII, after the Depression. I've seen some amazing pictures from way back when.


On my father's side I know much less except that his grandparents weren't even from this country! They immigrated (that IS the right word) from the Ukraine ... probably before WWII but I don't know exactly when. These were my paternal grandmother's parents. I know nothing about my paternal grandfather so I suppose he could be related to some slave holder. But for Pete if that has anything to do with who I am!

So I say hell yes to Rachel Lucas' reaction to the slick car salesman known as Obama. She says it so much better than I can.

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