Friday, March 21, 2008

Foot In Mouth

I'm a pretty mouthy gal and sometimes say what's on my mind before really thinking about's been that way since I was a little girl. Just ask my mom.

I don't MEAN to hurt anyone's feelings. Ever. It makes me sick to my stomach and makes me want to cry (which I hate doing) when things I write or say are taken in a different way than I meant.


I'm glad it's Friday. I need to stay home and away from people for a few days.


Karen said...

I wish I could say I couldn't relate to your post, but unfortunately I can. Glad it's Friday here, too.
Go create something beautiful - get out of that funk you're in. Tomorrow is a new day. :)

feefifoto said...

I have the same experiences regularly. Do you think men ever put themselves through the wringer for saying the wrong thing? Is it just women?

Mimi said...

lol. I have a friend who is the same way. I don't like hurting people's feelings, so I usually keep quiet when I'm around people, especially people who I've just meet.