Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Charging More - You're Worth It!

So often, artisan jewelers do not value their work and end up not charging enough. David Weiman of Marketing Jewelry put together a little video to explain why we, as artisan jewelers, need to value ourselves and our work.

There's no need to gouge people and it's difficult to find that *sweet spot* price. To me the most important thing is covering costs and making some sort of profit - even if small. It needs to be big enough to reinvest in your business. Because if you are selling you are in business - even if you think of it as a hobby.

Admittedly, I am not perfect when it comes to charging for my work and I often do undervalue myself. But I am working on it. =)


Johanna's Handmade Jewelry said...

Hey, thanks for this video!

Jewelry Making said...

I like his video. I have slowly learned to charge more for my jewelry over time, and I'm glad I did.