Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mother's Day Approaches

Mother's Day is less than two months away - Sunday May 11. I admit I haven't really started to think about what to get my mother but I did already get something for my mother in law. Is that weird?

It's actually much easier for me to shop for my MIL than my mom. Why is that? I'm always seeing things and thinking "MIL" would love that! I bought her a paint kit from Costco over two weeks ago and it's in the closet waiting for mother's day.

My mom has all the jewelry she will ever need - she's always been one of my best customers. :) And yes, she does get a mommy discount. I have bought her lots of lotions and perfumes over the years. She doesn't really need candles or any foo foo scented things. And everything that she really needs she ends up buying herself.

So I'm sort of at a loss. If I start thinking about it now I may come up with something nice for her. Maybe a nice decorative pillow. Or a scarf. She is a scarf whore. Yes, I called my mother a whore but she said it first. She LOVES scarves. But seriously? How many can you really have?

I'd love to get her a handmade purse but that's sort of a personal underwear. They all fit a little differently.

And I'd buy her clothes but she's lost more than 130 pounds in the last year and I have no idea what fits her and how much more weight she may lose.

I'll be keeping my eyes open though and will definitely post Mother's Day worthy items I find out there. If I can't think of anything interesting for my mom at least I can help others do something special for theirs! :)


Karen said...

If she's local, how about an afternoon together for a manicure/pedicure, or a half day at a spa together? Speaking as a mom of adult daughters, I'd give anything for real time together, something that will make a special memory for you both.
Just a thought :)

CastoCreations said...

That IS an excellent idea! My mom loves getting peddies. :) I just hate being touched! LOL