Friday, March 14, 2008

Competative Thanks!

Thank you so much, Capitola Girl Jewelry for featuring one of my rings on your blog.

I'm always surprised when a fellow jeweler acknowledges other jewelers' work because I am so competitive that it is really hard for me to promote other people. lol I'm pathetic. I do like to help other jewelers but I have to be in the right "sharing" mood.

Sometimes I wish I weren't so competitive. But then I wouldn't be me!


Tish said...

Wow. What a beautiful ring!

I'll have a look around at the rest of your jewelry. I don't really wear rings, but I'm crazy about bracelets! :)

Jennifer said...

That's really beautiful.

Sorry, I haven't been around. Blogger got filtered at work, so I can't visit on my lunch break anymore. Grr.

I've been keeping up on the feed, but I can't post comments.