Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today is the celebration of Christ's resurrection from the grave. He was crucified and died to save us from our sins. Three days later he rose.

I didn't do anything for Lent this year...I'm not Catholic and Lent has never been something my family or church recognized. But two years ago I gave up chocolate ice cream. lol Of course I didn't give up ALL ice cream. Heh. My coworker gave up chocolate this year and today she'll finally get some yummy chocolaty goodness.

Today we are getting together with a few family members and going to Olive Garden (I hope they're open) but not going to Church. I haven't been to church in ages. It sucks because I loved going to church but it's more than 30 minutes away from our house and I hated going by myself when Nick was working. I loved singing the songs we had. Maybe one of these days I'll start going back. But after being gone for so long it feels really weird to go back.

But I do believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that Jesus died for our sins and we are saved. I believe in miracles and that everything happens for a reason - even horrible and bad things. I believe that God gave us free will and that believers are not mind-numbed robots. :) I believe that God has blessed me beyond all my wildest dreams and continues to bless me and my family.


Karen said...

It's wonderful to know I have a sister in Christ in you. I know I'm not perfect, just forgiven. Have a blessed Easter!

Jennifer said...

You were far more concise that I was in my post of the same name. Happy Easter to you!