Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is It Monday Yet?

What a weekend! On Saturday Hubby and I went out and bought an Elliptical Machine at Costco (it was $100 cheaper than the one listed online!) and spent the day cleaning out the garage (because not even a bike would fit in there) to make space and then putting the dang thing together. fights! We had a pretty good time together and it really did take both of us. Of course he did most of the manual stuff but I still had to use the Allen Wrench a couple of times. =)

Of course, while we were in the garage, we decided to leave the door open so the dogs could come in and see us. They like to know what's going on and where we are at all times. Especially Trooper.

The problem is that the cats "live" in the garage right now. That may seem very mean to some but trust me...they are much safer there. And Saturday just proved that. Trooper was pretty good most of the afternoon and he would listen to me when I said "leave it" if he got too close to one of the kitties. Mischief (grey kitty) enjoyed himself in the house I know that. He misses being inside and both kitties are craving people attention.

So we're almost done putting the machine together and I decided to brush Jazmyn (black kitty) because she's looking a little ratty - and she enjoys it. As I'm brushing, Trooper decides to investigate ... and so you have me with Jazmyn at my feet and Trooper in front of me. In less than 5 seconds I am screaming at the top of my lungs at him because his jaws have opened and clamped around kitty.

Thank God I have good reflexes. Trooper got a bit of a smack on his butt and Jazmyn was FREAKED the heck out. Even after banishing the dogs from the garage she wouldn't come anywhere near me for more than an hour. Poor girl.

THEN...when I was trying to get Mischief to go back to his garage home - he wasn't exactly cooperating. In trying to put him in and close the door he snuck back! The stinker. He has a death wish. Because Trooper took off after him at full speed and CRASH!!! Hall table knocks over and one of my tea cups shatters.

Much more screaming ensues. Daddy gets involved. Trooper ends up in the spare room on the other side of the shattered glass so of course daddy has to live 85 pound monster and carry him over the glass into the living room where he is "grounded" on the couch and not allowed to get up until I get things picked up and the cat back in the garage.

Those poor cats cannot wait for their grandma to move down here and adopt them in her new apartment.

I'm not mad at Trooper. It's in his nature. He is a hunter and a very good one. I have seen him literally grab a bird out of the air and snap its neck in less than 5 seconds. In front of me as I'm trying to pull him in the house. We had to move the bird feeders away from the deck.

It's so hard to stay mad at a dog with a face like his though.

Oh, and I'm now officially broke! I went to a bead and gem show up in Seattle and spent my retirement. LOL =) But Holy Cow! The things I got are seriously amazing and drool worthy. I'll try to take some photos to make ya'll jealous. I got pearls that are huge and TDF. Golden Rutillated Quartz (one of my addictions). Moss Amethyst (rare, and stunning). I wish I had a couple more days to play and design new things. *sigh* It's almost Monday.


Jennifer said...

I sooo want to see pictures of what you bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGoodness, and you are sooo right!! How can you get mad at a cutie patootie like that!!!!!!!


Karen said...

I know, it's hard to stay angry at these guys. He's a beautiful dog, btw. :) Glad you had a good weekend - sounds like lots of stuff was going on.
Take care!

Cecily R said...

OOOOOOO! I am jealous about your elliptical! I so want one!

I've never owned a dog (I know, weird. My family is really trying to change that but I am still trying to figure out having three kids), but I know that the kids can sure get under foot at the worst times! :)

Your dog is beautiful by the way!

Designing Hilary said...

Your home sounds a lot like mine. Just substitute a Pit Bull who tries to eat our two cats and you get the picture.

Can't wait to see your creations with the new beads!

BTW ... your post came up in my Google alert for "handcrafted jewelry" so you're doing great SEO work.