Friday, March 14, 2008

Harry Potter Obsessions

I am SO excited! The seventh Harry Potter movie will now be TWO movies! Woohoo!!!

Well, thank goodness because there's no possible way that they could do justice to the final book in one movie. In fact I don't think they've done justice to the books since the 4th one. They leave too many things out and change too many things. Last night as we were watching the 5th movie again I complained to hubby that they leave out such an important piece of the story (IMHO the mirror Sirius gives Harry before he leaves for school...kind of important in the final book!) that it's distracting when I watch the movie.

In case you didn't know...I am a complete fanatic when it comes to Harry Potter. I have all the books, all the books on CD, and all five movies so far. Hubby is hooked on the movies and we watch one pretty much every night.

Listening to the books on CD is so relaxing for me that I've been listening over and over again for the last couple of months. Obsessive? Sure. But I have too many other issues to worry about this one. =)

I'm just glad they did the right thing!

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Marla said...

You're not alone in your obsession.
I have a feeling they have to make two movies not only because the book is so jam packed, but also because they left so much out in the past that is crucial, they have to back fill a bit.

I think the HP movies are standing the test of time SO much better than the LOTR movies. I find I can't watch them again, but I watch the old HPs often.