Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Life is Not So Bad

Sometimes I get down...sometimes I cannot help it because it is a chemical imbalance in my brain. But sometimes I just get regular depression like an everyday average Jane...a Pity Party we shall say.

And then I discover someone who has so much pain inside of her that I am amazed at her ability to continue on because I don't know if I could.

Do NOT visit her blog if you are sensitive to graphic drawings and language. Because this amazing woman was horribly abused and betrayed all through her childhood. Children should be loved and cared for - they should be able to rely on their parents to take care of them and protect them. She was not afforded this luxury.

I know that she is not alone in her misery. I know that things like this happen more often than any of us realize or maybe want to admit. I cannot even fathom how she has found the bravery to open her heart again! But seeing her photos with her Stefano make me grin like a fool. And her cats and "Apple" the dog are beyond adorable. Pets do give the ultimate, non-judgmental, and unconditional love.

I read through her ENTIRE blog. Seriously. All the way back to her first post. I just want to reach out and hug her ... and I hate hugging people. I hate touching people in general. My mom thinks that I was abused as a young child at a daycare. I don't remember anything. But I HATE to be touched - by strangers, by family. Except my hubby. I love my hubby and crave his hugs. And children. I love getting hugs from my little cousins. But anyone else...please don't get too close. It makes me cringe.

Please visit Art Constellation if you can ... her drawings are disturbing, graphic, upsetting, powerful, sometimes beautiful. Her words are scattered yet organized. If that makes any sense. They flow but they don't. Buy her art or a mug of Lloyd and help her get to Italy!


PinkPoochDesigns said...

Wow, I give her a lot of credit to have all her pain out there for everyone to see, I do understand it most likely helps her with her therapy.

I also, understand about not being touched. That is one of the reasons I DO NOT like crowds, I don't want people touching me. Especially strangers, that's the worst.


Lady Language said...

It's very sad that children are abused - it cuts me to the core to read this and know it goes on everywhere. No child should be vulnerable to abuse by any adult. Thanks for making us aware.