Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If Only...

...more people were like me.

I know, I know. How boring that would be!

But when I get on an obsessive kick over something I notice it everywhere.

Hubby and I have started eating healthier. We are avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Organic. Natural. Fruits. Veggies. This is a HUGE lifestyle change for us and it's been fairly painful for hubby. I did manage to find some organic blue corn tortilla chips that aren't too horribly bad for him though.

So we went grocery shopping yesterday (see my rant below about stealing - Same trip) and it's like taking a 5 year old..."Can I have donuts?" "Can I have pizza?" "Can I have a whole loaf of white bread?" NO!

As we're going along in the pasta aisle, where I found some whole wheat lasagna noodles, I saw a woman, who was beyond large, with her young daughter. Their cart was full of Pop Tarts, Chocolate Chip waffles, and all other kinds of sugary processed foods. And I was so sad and a little angry.

I was raised eating like that and that is why I am where I am. I would cook myself dinner all the time - and eat an entire box of macaroni and cheese by myself. You can't do that when you work in an office 8 hours a day, sitting on your butt, and are nearing 30.

And this poor girl was now learning those same bad eating habits. I did not see ONE vegetable or fruit!

Granted, I'm nowhere near perfect and rarely ever used to purchase fruits or veggies. But that woman has a responsibility to her child and she is failing. Her daughter will grow up to be as large as she was (at least 300 pounds).

I grew up with a large mother who was 300 pounds for most of my life. She recently had the drastic surgery that basically made her stomach the size of a walnut. She's now down to a size ten and is smaller than me!!! But seeing how the weight affected her health, even now, helped me decide that I never even wanted to get to the point where I needed surgery in order to walk because I was so heavy that my knees were giving out.

It's so sad. And so I was very huffy last night thinking "why doesn't everyone do this!" Which of course is very egotistical of me. It wasn't a problem until I changed...and now everyone must change.

Where' s my wand? I think I left it by the Harry Potter CDs.

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The Queen Of Frugal..... said...

Oh my...I thought I was the only one who looked in other people's carts and cringed! LOL People are living out of boxes and most are clueless about how to cook for themselves.

Like you, I'm trying to eat healthier. I remember Dr. Oz talking on Oprah about foods to avoid and I try to heed his advice when I go to the grocery store.