Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are you Indie?

Promoting your business is super important and especially difficult for us small fish in this large pond of retail. Especially for a price that doesn't break the bank.

Total Indie Coupons are a fantastic way to get your name out to a variety of different buyers - and the great thing is that these buyers are known shoppers of Indie. How can that be you may ask?

Because people who are ordering from an Indie person, like me, get a pack of these coupons with their order. So we already know that they are ordering or buying from an Indie person.

You are exposed, not just to your customers, but to the customers of all the other participants in these coupons. That comes to 5,000 potential hits from shoppers! For only $50!!!

Not only that, my customers love to get them. They're introduced to new and fun small businesses and get great deals.

Round #8 is up and available for sign up but I know spaces are going fast. Last I checked there were only 8 left.

Is your site on Etsy? No problem! I know Etsy won't do coupon codes, but you can offer a free gift with purchase and the "code" can be entered at checkout.

I've participated in nearly every round of these coupons and signed up for round 8. I have a feeling I'll go through my Round 7 set sooner rather than later. *hint hint* *wink wink* =)

So hurry and grab your space to take advantage of this great marketing opportunity!

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