Thursday, March 20, 2008

Make Mine Chocolate!

I love Easter. Not just the whole message of Christ's sacrifice for us. But chocolate bunnies too.

My mom never would have bought me a live Easter bunny or chick. She wouldn't even get me a dog (I only wanted one for like 5 minutes before I remembered that I was scared of dogs!). But some parents seem to think it's a good idea to get their child a live animal to celebrate Easter.

How about chocolate instead??? Make Mine Chocolate is a campaign to educate people about what happens to those cute little bunnies when they grow up and aren't so cute anymore.

Parents need to decide if a Bunny is really the right kind of pet to get for their family and what it means to raise a rabbit responsibly.

Personally? I probably won't ever get my kids a rabbit...they freak me out! For some reason I'm always afraid they're going to bite me! LOL But feel free to send me a dark chocolate bunny. =)

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