Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, the challenge has been thrown down! And I think I may just accept. I love my local shelter - I adopted three cats and a dog from them back in the day (of the four...two are still with us!). I have some food in our garage for cats and dogs that they aren't eating. I wonder if they'll take opened food bags.

Absolutely True blog is challenging everyone to donate their weight in food to help animals in shelters.

In honor of my cat Sherbert who jumped from his shelter kennel onto my shoulder and demanded to be taken home! He escaped one night (he was smart...he OPENED the freaking screen door!) and we think he got eaten by a hawk or owl or some sort of animal. We only found fur. I cried for two weeks.

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absolutelytrue said...

It is so awesome that you are taking the challenge! Thank you :)

I am sorry about your kitty too.. he was so handsome. Sometimes they don't know how good they've got it inside.. I have one, actually the one in the picture on my site, that keeps trying to escape.