Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not Your Grandma's Knit Purse

I want this purse!!! Maybe I'll get it for myself for my birthday. :)

I know that knits are "in" but I've never really seen a knit purse that I really liked. They all looked too old fashion or too funky for me.

This one looks perfect! I love the color outside and in and the snap close frame is awesome. And of course it is handcrafted - and I love the shop name of the artist. The Tiger Lily!

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Jennifer said...

ooooooo!!!!!!!!! *drooool* You're right! That's the nicest knit purse I've seen that isn't totally far out or wacky! I would totally buy this one (ok, if I didn't just buy another set of lampwork beads today). *cheesy grin* I also REALLY like her notebook covers. hmm....