Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do Spiders Have Souls?

Seeing a picture of a spider makes me shudder so you can imagine my horror when we find them in the house.

I've always been scared of spiders. I remember being at grandma's house in the basement and not even wanting to vacuum them up because I thought they'd crawl out and get me. They are revengeful little beasts you know! I can't even step on them if they're too big. The tiny ones are usually okay...but they have to be pretty tiny.

For some reason in the last few years Daddy long legs have stopped bothering me as much. If I see one in the corner I usually leave it alone. I hate mosquitoes more than the long legs so the spider wins in that instance.

But when one drops down in front of my face when I'm in the SHOWER - war is immediately declared. I about had a heart attack the other day. Not only did this stupid spider drop down did it TWICE! Like it was dive bombing me. I like taking long showers but this was not one of those days. I rinsed my hair and got out fast. Because I knew he was coming to get me again!

I use that Lysol Mildew spray after every shower - not a lot because it's super chemically but just a squirt on the nozzle. Well, this spider got a bath in this stuff and it proves just how dangerous chemicals are because that spider could hardly move after I sprayed it. Just imagine - frantic naked woman having near panic attack and spraying spraying spraying while trying not to get too close to the demon spider.

It's definitely dead and it took me awhile to find the dang thing. I was worried that it had survived and was going to attack again. I'm pretty sure though that I saw a leg sticking out from behind an older bottle of shampoo. Of course I'm not going to touch it - that's hubby's job. So for now I have a dead spider (shall we call him murdered? It was self defense!) somewhere above my head behind an unused bottle of shampoo.

If it had been a Wolf Spider I may have woken hubby up and forced him to do the deed. We have them and they have been found in three different rooms so far. They are far scarier than daddy longlegs (I can't even post a photo because just looking at them gives me chills!). The ones we have found so far have been well into the two inch range and dark brown scary monsters. And yet hubby still refuses to kill them. He traps them and releases them outside where they just crawl right back in when we're not looking.

They are nearly as bad as the black jumping spiders who are pretty tiny but super aggressive. They aren't scared at all and will RUN at you if you're trying to shoo it away. And they're tough too - squishing them is no easy task. And hubby thinks that flushing them will do the trick - but I always check the toilet before sitting down because you never know if one is going to crawl back up to get revenge!!!


Daisy said...

I likes to eat spiders. My Mommie is worried one will bite me back, so she takes them away from me. Darn it!

CastoCreations said...

Oh! I need to get you to our house Daisy. There are LOTS of spiders here. But I think your mommy is right. :) Now if Trooper or Quinn or Kodiak would have your love of eating spiders I wouldn't be so scared all the time! =D