Thursday, March 27, 2008

Not An Animal Blog You Say?

So I've been super obsessed with animals lately - mostly dogs - and a few cats. Which is funny since the original intention of this blog was to talk about jewelry. Ha!

But April will be less focused on animals because April is going to be very very busy. I'm busy now getting ready for it.

Here's a hint for what's coming up ... less than one week away!!!

hee hee hee

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Karen said...

Since you've talked a lot about animals the past couple of days, could this be a pic of some fine animal bedding? That was just my first thought. :) Anxious to see what all you have planned for April!

CastoCreations said...


That IS a very good guess. But nope. :) hee hee

Lindsay said...

It's OK that you write about animals a lot. I enjoy it.

CastoCreations said...

Thanks lindsay! I'm hopelessly addicted to animals so I guess it's just tough for those who aren't interested. lol Doesn't do much for my jewelry business but that's okay too. I enjoy blogging so much! :)

Paws Awhile said...

I am not a jewelry person, but I keep coming back to your blog because your feelings towards animals are so incredibly genuine.

CastoCreations said...

Thank you paws!!! :) I truly am. I want to save them all! *sigh*