Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You Like Me...You Really Like Me!

*giggle* Okay...so that might be a bit much...but I did win an award recently. And it always makes me blush to win awards where other people nominate me. I certainly didn't campaign for it.


If you've never visited Posh Mama you really should. It's a great online networking and female support community.


Rosanne said...

So, how MANY of us got to be Posh Mama for March?? I think that's hilarious! YOU deserve it! I, however, only deserve it because I bought something from just about everyone who sells out there!!
Congratulations to you Megan!!

And as someone who buys a lot online, I especially love those Totally Indie coupons!


Babycakes said...

Congratulations Megan! I read on Posh Mama that less than 2% of the member base was nominated and won so I think that says a lot for the people who were nominated. You deserve it too as you are such a positive and happy person. Hope you have a great day!