Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

I'm getting ready for my big April event so staying home all day today. The TV is on. It's cold outside. But cozy inside. The doggies are chillin.

Trooper has been sleepy since Friday because he went to daycare. He must have played hard!

Kodiak has been enjoying the cold deck - even when it's wet! I wonder what he smells here.

And Quinn is just the princess as always.

Aren't those crossed paws the sweetest?!?


Rosanne said...

Hi Megan!
These pictures are just the cutest! I love the crossed paws! And just what exactly is Kodiak doing? Almost looks like someone enjoying the sun (um..what sun??)
But the one of them sleeping on the couch is just sweet.
Thanks for sharing!!!

feefifoto said...

I love when our dog goes to day care. She goes once a week and gets way more exercise and socializing than she'd get at home, and then she sleeps happily all the next day.

Bonnie Story said...

What gorgeous doggies. They know what to do when it's yukky out. Trooper has a lovely long coat.

Daisy said...

Crossing the paws like that is very good manners, I think.

Jen said...

These dogs are gorgeous! Envy envy envy...all I have is one very fat lazy cat :-)

CUsmile said...

Just getting to know you since I found your site.

I too am from the PNW and LOVE animals. Your dogs are beautiful and look so happy and cozy!

I have never had a huskie (they are huskies, right?) but, it seemed like everyone owned one when I lived in Alaska, such great dogs, always well mannered and happy, playful, gorgeous!

It is fun getting to know you and see your wonderful talent and creations.